Hello, world! I'm Zachary Neumann!

The more you know.

I'm a Native Oregonian.
I call the Pacific Northwest my home. I received my bachelor's degree from Portland State University in the field of Environmental Science with a minor in GIS. I am currently a developer for the United States Forest Service. I develop Microsoft SharePoint sites, ArcGIS Online web applications, I analyze recreation data at the national level, and I do some work with Adobe Javascript and 508 Accessibility.

Hobbies and interests
I have a traveling and adventure seeking spirit, and I love to backpack and camp Professional Northwest style. I have backpacked, camped, and hiked through Glacier National Park in MT, The Redwood State Park in CA, and much of Mt. Hood, Willamette, Deschutes, Siuslaw, and other Oregon National Forests.

I also write and produce music. I've written music for film, produced music for friends, and produced plenty of my own music. I am currently studying to become a better developer and am working with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Python. This website was written by me with the help of Bootstrap.

Check out my portfolio
Head over to my portfolio page! If you are looking for my professional resume please see my resume page. For professional inquiries regarding web development or music production please see my contact page.

Thanks for taking interest in my skills and education.

I look forward to working with talented people

and believe that my skill sets are unique and can be rewarding for you and your projects.

Most Recent Work

This webpage you are currently on. This video you are about to watch. And this blog post you can read about my 3 week road trip to Missoula and beyond.